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Manuka Honey NPA 5+

Although all honey has healing properties, our world-famous New Zealand Manuka honey has specific chemicals that make it uniquely valuable. Used all over the world in medical care for wound treatment as well as being enjoyed for its full-bodied flavour and internal health benefits.

New Zealand Manuka honey is renowned for its anti-bacterial properties and also has anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits. The discovery of the marvellous healing properties of Manuka honey revolutionised New Zealand's honey industry and the way the world looked at honey. For a honey that used to be left for the bees to eat and was generally despised as it was strongly flavoured and hard to extract, Manuka has come a long way. 

When purchasing be aware there are several different ways of determining its active ingredient.

In December 2017 MPI introduced new standards to protect the Manuka honey industry. All honey that is sold as Manuka must be tested to determine its authenticity. If Honey is less than 5 NPA it is classed as multifloral honey. 5 NPA (UMF) is equivalent to 83 MGO.

Hive World's Manuka 5+ NPA is a good quality Manuka with all the benefits of raw honey added to the undeniable health-preserving properties of New Zealand's famed Manuka bush. As well as our liquid raw honey, we also supply a creamed style with a mellower feel to your palate. Creamed honey is easier to spread and won't crystallize. We are privileged in this country to be able to access pure Manuka honey that hasn't been blended or adulterated with inferior products.

Raw honey is honey as it comes, straight from the hive. It has not been processed or filtered or pasteurized. It is suggested that the pollen in the honey collected from the area you live in, if taken regularly will help prevent pollen allergies.

Raw honey will contain enzymes, antioxidants and pollen that micro filtering and pasteurizing removes. Raw honey will crystalize more readily as pollen in the honey promotes crystallization.  If your honey does crystalize, put in a bowl of warm water (not hotter than 37 degrees) and the crystals will dissolve again.

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