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Clover Honey

Clover honey - the honey variety we grew up on back in the day! Mild and satisfyingly sweet, clover honey conjures up pastoral landscapes of contented cows and busy bees - a land flowing with milk and honey. The beauty of honey in the comb how it is meant to be enjoyed!

Clover honey has a delicate flavour and is light in colour. The sweetness makes this a great favourite with children.  Predominantly sourced from Canterbury, Otago and Southland farmland where the bees gather nectar from the white and red clover flower.  The delicate flavour makes Clover ideal for adding to hot beverages such as tea and coffee as well as baking where a subtle honey flavour is desired. Clover makes a beautiful comb honey.

Hive World Clover honey is raw and therefore clear, not creamed as the clover honey that you find in supermarkets. Our current batch of Clover honey is direct from Foxton for your enjoyment.

Raw honey is honey as it comes, straight from the hive. It has not been processed or filtered or pasteurized. It is suggested that the pollen in the honey collected from the area you live in, if taken regularly will help prevent pollen allergies.

Raw honey contains enzymes, antioxidants and pollen that micro filtering and pasteurizing removes. Raw honey will crystalize more readily as pollen in the honey promotes crystallization.  

If your honey does crystalize, put in a bowl of warm water (not hotter than 37 degrees) and the crystals will dissolve again.

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