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Rewarewa Honey is gathered from New Zealand's own honeysuckle tree. With a beautiful deep reddish-amber appearance and rich, full bodied, caramel-like taste, this variety has the reputation of being one of the most delicious honeys in the world. We're sure you will agree!

Produced from New Zealand’s native Honeysuckle tree, Rewarewa honey is high in natural antioxidants.  Rewarewa honey is especially favoured by chefs for use in savoury and dessert dishes to create culinary delights. This honey is very popular with our customers - a truly delicious full complex flavour with a sweet finish suitable for all purposes.

The Rewarewa tree is spread all over the North Island and in the Marlborough Sounds. It is found in valleys and lower elevations. It is a member of the protea family and produces striking red and yellow flowers. The seedpods are also a distinctive curved shape which inspired the Maori waka. The reddish flecked wood was used for decorative purposes by the Europeans and as palisade walls and river posts by the Maori. However, it was useless for firewood and was known as the 'bucket of water tree'.

BUT, bees love the delicious nectar and make the most delectable honey from it - which is what we are most grateful for!

Hive World's raw New Zealand Rewarewa honey comes from around Lake Rotoma in the North Island.

Raw honey is honey as it comes, straight from the hive. It has not been processed or filtered or pasteurized.

Raw honey will contain enzymes, antioxidants and pollen that micro filtering and pasteurizing removes. Raw honey will crystalize more readily as pollen in the honey promotes crystallization.  If your honey does crystalize, put in a bowl of warm water (not hotter than 37 degrees) and the crystals will dissolve again.

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