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Hiveworld Honey

Hive World was established in 2017 to supply beekeeping equipment to the Apiculture industry.  In 2019 we saw an opportunity in the market for the sale of raw unprocessed honey to local customers. We had built up contacts among beekeepers throughout the country.  Because of this relationship, we were confident that they could supply the quality honey we required.

It is not always easy to secure our special varieties as honey is only harvested once a year in December – March so from time to time we do run out of some varieties.

Our on-tap honey is raw, not micro filtered or heat treated.  Most raw honeys will crystallize over time so this is why you do not see raw honey in the supermarkets.  (Crystallized honey does not look attractive to the consumer.)

We recommend bringing in your own jar and we will fill by weight, otherwise we do have jars available in the shop. We are passionate about honey, so do ask questions because we love to advise and give you the story about each variety.

We also sell beeswax candles and honey related gifts.

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